SurePrep Approved By Military!

Bases in South Carolina and Tennessee join the growing list of military bases through out the southeast choosing SurePrep as their preferred Cleaning Agent for surface preparations prior to painting and abrasive blasting.

Introducing SurePrep

SurePrep 104 Type AKB ENTERPRISES, a leader in contractor supply and specialty products is now a distributor of SurePrep prodcts.

  • Sureprep is a biodegradable surface conditioner that helps removes soluble salts and other contaminates prior to, and after, abrasive blasting, painting, industrial tape wrapping or other type of corrosive protective methods widely used today.
  • Sureprep development is broken into two key areas to meet the needs of the growing world of industrial technology.
  • First is SurePrep 101, TYPE A, is formulated for surfaces containing heavy salts and other embedded contaminates that may cause premature failure of coatings or surface wraps.
  • Second SurePrep 104, TYPE B, is formulated for surfaces needing surface cleaning and soluble salt and other contaminate removal.
  • Sureprep is safe and economical.
  • SurePrep is designed for shipyards, mining and factory applications.  Also, may be used as a wash for recreational boats.
Mold Remediation with SurePrep 102 Emg
102EMG is formulated to capture mold spores and help terminate growth activities of  mold, mildew and other contaminates usually caused by moisture.
102 EMG is SAFE, NON-HAZARDOUS and easily applied. Can be formulated to meet your job requirement's.